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PERSONALIZED Pooch Wallet Phone Case

PERSONALIZED Pooch Wallet Phone Case

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This Wallet Phone Case can be Personalized with a picture of your Dog! Wouldn't it be awesome to see your dog at the beach wearing sunglasses?

Don't want to use our beach background but would like your dog in sunglasses? No worries, we can use the background you upload. Please remember to mention it in "Notes to Designer" If you do not mention the change in the "Notes to the Designer" your dog will be in sunglasses with our beach background.



1) Upload a Photo in either .jpg or .png

2) Our team turns your Photo into an Awesome One of a Kind Wallet Phone Case!

3) Your Wallet Phone Case is Custom Printed and Shipped Directly to You to enjoy.

*Colors and position of faces on the final product may differ a little

Important notes:

Picture/Cropping – Do not worry if your picture is sideways or not perfect. Our designers will receive your full photo and will make it look the best it can.

Picture Quality – Some things to look for on your photo before submitting are low-quality images, blurry, and distance from the camera. The photo shouldn’t be too close or too far away, for optimal results. 

You will love our wallet phone case if you step out frequently and do not want to carry your wallet and phone case in your hand OR carry your purse. Our Wallet Phone Case has pockets for cards and currency notes. Our Wallet Phone Case is available for most of the popular phone models. Please check your phone model before placing the order.


Do you love to click pictures with your phone when you are out? If yes, our wallet phone case has the slide up feature for easy camera access. You will be able to capture the special click with your camera without digging into your handbag for your phone. Environmentally-friendly, leather-like case material with hybrid durable strap.



“We source from all over the world directly from the manufacturers, you may see various shipping locations on our items.”

“Because we make all of our items custom to order, please allow 4-11 business days for production to be completed – shipping is quoted by the carrier as 3-12 business days.

Ships from South Asia.

Select the Size, Upload Your Dog's Photo and Order Yours NOW! 

-Environmentally-friendly, leather-like case material with hybrid durable strap.

-RFID protection material built in.

-Available in 70 sizes.



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