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New Moms, you can stop worrying about organizing your baby's room!


Our exclusively "Crib Hanging Organizer" offers you the perfect opportunity to add storage and support to your baby crib. As you will need all the space you can get, especially with a newborn baby. Which is why we are offering you a smart and easy solution to your storage problems. That ensures that all your must-haves will be right there when you need them. This is perfect for new parents, as they won't find themselves panicking to find a simple item.


The Crib Hanging Organizer is manufactured using premium grade cotton. This helps to offer a soft to touch feature that will help protect your child from the hardwood while adding storage. Moreover, the Hanging Organizer comes in a range of colors and designs for you to choose from. Making sure that you get the perfect crib organizer that is true to the theme. If you are looking for a useful and charming gift for new or expecting parents, then look no more; as our Crib Hanging Organizer is the perfect gift any parent would love.


- Material: 100% Cotton

- Pockets: Nine

- Design: Various

- Size: Height x Width 50 x 60 cms / 19.5 x 23.5 inches

New Moms, do you worry about organizing and storing baby essentials in your baby's room? The Crib Hanging Organizer offers three layers of different sized pockets. The top layer offers four small sized pockets, followed by three medium-sized pockets; and two large pockets at the end. The various sized pockets offer you the perfect storage solution, where you get the chance to store various sized items with great ease. Moreover, you will find ties on each end of the hanging organizer, that will help secure it in place. No more worries with this organizer!

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