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50% OFF for a Limited Time

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$19.99 now .  (Usually $39.99)

Women's Clutches "Triangles" offer

Part of our Limited Edition Collection.  Our "Women's Clutches- Triangles" have a distinctive look that's perfect for use with any evening or day outfit. These exclusive clutch bags are made of high grade PVC and features a flap front closure with magnetic snap closure. Please note it does not have any zip closure. Perfect gift for her on any occasion.
Or girls buy it for yourself! You KNOW you are due a treat! 

  • Made in Thailand.
  • Made from high-grade PVC 
  • Chain made of aluminium
  • Flap front closure with magnetic snap closure.
  • 11 inch in width and 8 inch in height.
This product ships from Thailand.
Please allow 12 -15 business days for delivery 
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Women's Canvas Clutches
in Leaves Print
and 4 colours
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